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1) well said 2)said in a agreement 3) can be used as a greeting, hey whats u something that teens use because we are better than kids and adults perio

Urban Dictionary may have originally started as a joke, but the online authority of all things slang is now a legitimate source on what popular sayings mean — and a ton of the words published in.

An informal term that stands for or means something else than its literal meaning; a shorter way to say a word or phras

The Urban Thesaurus was created by indexing millions of different slang terms which are defined on sites like Urban Dictionary. These indexes are then used to find usage correlations between slang terms. The official Urban Dictionary API is used to show the hover-definitions. Note that this thesaurus is not in any way affiliated with Urban Dictionary. Due to the way the algorithm works, the. -Another term for for real? -used to express agreement -showing a person that you're listening to what they're saying -a way of saying seriously? Wo 23 slang words teens and Gen Zers are using in 2020, and what they mean. Dominic-Madori Davis. 2020-06-04T17:20:00Z The letter F. An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an email..

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  1. Yes, popular slang words beloved by millennials like binge-watch and woo-woo have been added to the definitive book of words, but what about the slang popping up in your DMs? With a little help from the internet, not to mention Urban Dictionary , knowing the etymology of these terms will ensure you slay your next conversation— and avoid cultural appropriation
  2. 28 Urban Slang Terms Every New Yorker Knows It's dead ass mad brick out today. Kiki Sideris. Aug 02, 2020. The State University of New York at Stony Brook. 394475 123rf.com. The New York City youth is greatly influenced by hip-hop culture, and hip-hop culture is continuously influenced by New York City. With the colorful expressions found in both hip-hop and the streets of New York, colorful.
  3. Aug 7 Word of the Day. Celebrity Free Pass. A celebrity free pass is an agreement between you and your significant other that if you meet said celebrity and there is an opportunity to sleep with them, your partner cannot get mad at you for doing so because you had agreed before hand that this person was your celebrity free pass. It is ideal if both of you in the relationship choose a celebrity.
  4. And that's one of the places that the slang word kicks appears in the urban thesaurus. At the top of the web page for a thesaurus category, it will show you where that category appears in the larger structure of the urban thesaurus. For example, here is a small portion from the web page for the clothes, clothing category: Things; To expand these results, click one of the above categories.
  5. Urban Dictionary: If you're not familiar with it yet, we both apologize and envy you. It's the bowels of the internet, with some of the most disgusting and disturbing words and phrases ever thought up by humans. And it's hilarious. Gross, but hilarious
  6. Slang Words | Slang Dictionary. List of 100 English slang words and phrases with their meanings and examples: Eye-popping - fantastic, astonishing; The New York Times had an eye-popping article this morning. Chicken - a coward; You're a chicken, Tom
  7. Most Common Teenage Slang Words [Updated for 2020] Slang is the informal teenage language that is more popular in speaking than in writing. It is the new way of speaking of the young that has been quite a trend for a few decades. It consists of a vocabulary often times unknown to the elders.The slang terms created by sometimes recycling the old words, making abbreviations or giving new meaning.

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And you know these slang words are legit because when I read them to my three teenagers to make sure I was using them correctly, they said, and I quote, Big yikes, mom! This is the cringiest. What is slang? It's more than just a noun we define on Dictionary.com. Dictionary.com's slang dictionary brings you slang definitions, plus everything you ever needed to know about American English slang words, Gen Z slang, British slang, and more! Find out how to use the new words you just read on social media or heard on Netflix. Learn where slang words were born and how they became. And if these slang words are outdated to you, you might be younger than nineteen, or you're just ahead of the curve. Here's a list of modern slang words as used by a teenage girl in 2018. OVER TEXT OR IN PERSON 1 (BIG) RIP. Yes, it still means Rest in Peace, but you definitely wouldn't be saying it about someone who just died. RIP is used in response to an unfortunate but.

List of American Slang Words and Phrases A - D. All-nighter: Studying/working all night. Adorbs: Short for 'adorable' Awesome: Very good, exciting, enjoyable: Blow: To fail at something: Booty: Rear/butt: Benjamins: USD 100 bills: Being broke: To have no money: Being busted: Getting caught: Cheap shot: Hitting someone suddenly: Chick* Girl/woman: Cold fish: Dull: Crash: Attend a party. Peng - peng is where the complimentary slang words get a bit more serious. This word is only ever used to describe girls, while most London slang is mainly ambiguous. It is the most sexually-connotating slang word heard in London, comparable to sexy. It is commonly used by fairly unattractive guys in a desperate manner, which has lead to it also carrying an air of you're way out of my. The meaning of URBAN DICTIONARY is: a compilation of slang terms and abbreviations to compile an online internet slang dictionary; . Find more definitions for URBAN DICTIONARY on Slang.org It's unclear exactly how long the slang usage of the word has been around, since its definition is so close to the original word. The oldest Urban Dictionary entry for the word is actually from 2003, but it didn't begin appearing on new slang lists until around 2015. Extra is one of those great new words that fills a void in our lexicon. A list of slang words for thank you, thanks. Find words with this meaning on The Online Slang Dictionary's slang thesaurus (urban thesaurus)

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  1. A dictionary of real slang words. The Online Slang Dictionary has a slang ('urban') thesaurus, maps, usage voting, offensiveness ratings, and more
  2. Slang is very informal language or specific words used by a particular group of people. You'll usually hear slang spoken more often than you'll see it put in writing, though emails and texts often contain many conversational slang words.. Though slang sometimes gets a bad rap for being inappropriate or incorrect, it's also highly creative and shows that the English language is constantly.
  3. A list of slang words for good, okay, cool, awesome, fun. Find words with this meaning on The Online Slang Dictionary's slang thesaurus (urban thesaurus)
  4. 30 Trendy Internet Slang Words and Acronyms to Know in 2019. The internet is constantly evolving, making it difficult to keep up with modern slang. Here are some trendy internet words you should know. By Mihir Patkar Oct 24, 2018. Share Share Tweet Email. The language of the internet evolves on a daily basis. Which means the internet can be a confusing place, even for someone who is using it.

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A list of slang words for money. Find words with this meaning on The Online Slang Dictionary's slang thesaurus (urban thesaurus) Slang words come to the wordlist of teenagers from the mouths of famous actors, pop artists, especially in the genre of standup. Posts on social networks and funny videos are also accompanied by slang captions. It takes a long time for parents to decode this language. What is Slang? Slang consists of language type containing words and phrases that are considered as very informal and. British Slang is a fountain of beautiful words that we don't normally use in America. Some are hilarious, some are rude and some are interesting. Here's our list of our top 100 favorite British slang words and phrases. Oftentimes, it's not so much the word itself that's awesome - but the usage of it so [ Internet dictionary of slang words and phrases. More than 5 million street lingo words and expressions have been defined by the Internet community. The definitions on Urban Dictionary are meant to be those of slang or subculture words, phrases, and phenomena not found in standard dictionaries and tend to have the newest words. Entries are checked by volunteer editors and rated by site visitors. Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde ‪Slang‬! Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay

23 slang words teens are using in 2020, and what they mean

  1. Urban Dictionary is a crowdsourced online dictionary for slang words and phrases, operating under the motto Define Your World. The website was..
  2. Urban Dictionary defines the living end as anything particularly outrageous, absurd, or scandalous. Read more: 18 words or phrases baby boomers used that are no longer around — see if you can guess what they mean; 21 slang words teens and Gen Zers are using in 2020, and what they mean; 8 slang words from the last decade that we can't stan
  3. Some words don't just get shortened: They get a cutesy, or some would say silly, tacked-on ending. In this case, the slang term adorbs, first used in 2008, is short for adorable. Why? Who knows.

40 Millennial Slang Words And What They Mean—Popular Slang

In the past, slang usually found its way from being spoken on the street to the written word. Now many terms or words, like #8cantwait, sprout online from social media, Dalzell said Synonyms for urban at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for urban Evergreen Korean Slang. Here are the cool Korean slang expressions and words that have stood the test of time and are still in use today. 83. 내가 쏠게 (naega ssolge) - I'll pay | treat From the verb 쏘다 (ssoda), which means 'to shoot (a gun | arrow etc.)', the Korean slang expression 내가 쏠게 (naega ssolge) means 'I'll pay' Miriam Margolyes is not the only one in the dark about the offensive origins of popular slang words. Here are some common culprits you should think twice about using, writes Gary Nunn Each year the Internet provides the world with a bevy of slang words to latch on to and insert into as many conversations as possible. However, all trends must come to an end, and these trendy.

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9 slang words teens and Gen Zers are using in 2020 — and their boomer equivalents. Dominic-Madori Davis . 2020-03-23T21:55:00Z The letter F. An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an. London school bans 'urban' slang words. Labour MP David Lammy backs the move despite social media backlash. Nick Renaud-Komiya; Tuesday 15 October 2013 12:41 {{^moreThanTen}} {{total}} comments.

The word basic came about at the same time as boujee; people started to use both slang words in the 1970s. Calling someone basic definitely isn't a compliment. It means they're unoriginal, kind of boring, and only mainstream. While these words are on opposite sides of the spectrum, they're not necessarily strictly good or bad Additional Sources: Urban Attitude; All Down Under - Slang Dictionary; Australian Words - Meanings and Origins; Australian Dictionary; Koala Net; Australian Explorer; Up from Australia; YouTube, 2. OFFICIAL Urban Dictionary app! Urban Dictionary is the online dictionary with definitions written by everyone. • Perform unlimited searches for free, forever • Define any word, whether it's slang or not • Vote on definitions you like • Share on Facebook, Twitter, txt and email • See the full text of any definition • See today's Urban Word of the Day • Shake for a random word (on. Snowflake makes the list of slang words we can't stand not because of political bias — it's one of the worst words because it's lazy. Calling someone snowflake is simply not a strong argument, nor is it actually that insulting, yet it is used as though it should be able to shut down a debate. Those who use it as such should try harder, or let someone else do the talking Many etymologists believe that the terms hip, hep, Slang dictionaries of past centuries give a term hip or hyp meaning melancholy or bored, shortened from the word hypochondriac. However, this usage, more prevalent around 1800, was virtually extinct by 1900. Development. The word hip in the sense of aware, in the know is first attested in a 1902 cartoon by Tad Dorgan, and first appeared.

Other British slang words for attractive include fit, lush, a sort, piff, buff, leng. Pissed: drunk. Again—a lot of words for drunk. Fancy Dress: not dressing fancy. Kind of the opposite—if. New (Urban/Slang) Words 4 03 2008. Ok, so maybe it was during my downtime last year recovering from surgery, house hunting these past six months or something along those lines that caused me to miss it, but where did these words come from?? Like out of the blue they drop onto the scene and I hear people everywhere using them. slore : n. Cross between slut and whore. Used to. In the 1950s and 1960s, the slang of American teenagers was shaped in large part by fast-talking AM radio disk jockeys, who drew upon the black urban vernacular for their vocabulary, syntax.

28 Urban Slang Terms Every New Yorker Know

50 Scottish slang words translated: funniest and best sayings and slang phrases from Scotland - and what they mean in English Scotland is a melting pot of unique dialects resulting in some truly. 28 Responses to 50 Slang Terms for Money David Nicholls on October 27, 2012 10:14 am. Missing: From England: Swag, Dosh, Lolley From Australia: Brick a $20 note Razoo - a worthless coin (also brass razoo) Green stuff Quid: 1 pound (UK and Oz) T A McNeil on October 27, 2012 4:37 pm. I would add juice, chips and commish (commision) to the list. There is also the expression related. During the first seven decades of the 20th century, a specific form of Polari was developed by gay men and lesbians in urban centres of the United Kingdom within established LGBT communities. Although there are differences, contemporary British gay slang has adopted many Polari words. The 1964 legislative report Homosexuality and Citizenship in Florida contains an extensive appendix. Looking to understand the history of American slang words? Let's look at some examples of slang words and see how they came about Slang is language (words, phrases and usages) of an informal register that members of particular in-groups favor over the common vocabulary of a standard language in order to establish group identity, exclude outsiders, or both. Etymology of the word slang. In its earliest attested use (1756), the word slang referred to the vocabulary of low or disreputable people. By the early nineteenth.

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Home: Browse: Common Slang Terms Common Slang. While there are thousands of slang words, some are used far more often than others. Learning the most common slang words will help you interpret text messages, online chat conversations, and social media updates. Below is a list of popular acronyms, abbreviations, and other slang terms Das Urban Dictionary ist ein Online-Wörterbuch für englische Slangwörter, -ausdrücke und -namen. Die Erklärungen werden von Benutzern erstellt. Laut urbandictionary.com wurden seit 1999 über 6,6 Millionen Definitionen verfasst (Stand: Mai 2012). Inhalt. Die Definitionen im Urban Dictionary erklären Slang-Ausdrücke oder Neologismen, Phrasen und Namen in englischer Sprache, die häufig.

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Merk - This word originally meant to kill someone, but now it means to insult someone. Militant - Meaning stern, difficult or hard. N. Nang - Good. Next man - Someone who isn't involved, a random person. Not bothered- Someone who is not interested in something, or in doing something. O. On top - when a situation is out of control. Off the hook - cool, appealing, fresh, exceedi A fun party game based on definitions from Urban Dictionary. When the judge draws a prompt, you play one of three ways: fill in the blank, free association, or act or draw out the word and have your teammates guess. 330 UD words 81 prompts Drawing board Dry erase marke In British slang terms, 'dodgy' refers to something wrong, illegal, or just plain 'off', in one way or another. For example, it can be used to mean illegal - 'He got my dad a dodgy watch for Christmas'; it can be used to mean something food-related that is nauseous or nauseating - 'I had a dodgy kebab last night and I don't feel right.; and it can also be used as a. Sexual slang is a set of linguistic terms and phrases used to refer to sexual organs, processes, and activities; they are generally considered colloquial rather than formal or medical, and some may be seen as impolite or improper.. Related to sexual slang is slang related to defecation and flatulence (toilet humor, scatolinguistics).References to the anal tract are often given a sexual. Sorry guys, but it's time to retire some of your fave terms (I'm looking at you on fleek, preach and squad) and instead, familiarize yourselves with some ~new slang~. Check out 10 words you.

Learn 16 American English slang words and expressions about food and drink! Read the slang words and example sentences, listen to the pronunciation and repeat the words and sentences out loud to improve your English speaking. At the end of the lesson, try the quiz to test your understanding of thes Many police-related slang terms exist for police officers. These terms are rarely used by the police themselves. Police services also have their own internal slang and jargon; some of it is relatively widespread geographically and some very localized. A Anda An Urdu language word meaning egg, since the uniform of traffic police in urban Pakistani areas like Karachi is pure white. Ayna A. Urban Dictionary, now in its 20th year, is a digital repository that contains more than 8 million definitions and famously houses all manner of slang and cultural expressions Urban Dictionary: slang words. n a city area considered as the inner city plus built-up environs, irrespective of local body administrative boundaries Noun 1. However, the Google Dictionary website was terminated on August 5, 2011 after part of its functionality was integrated into Google Search using the define: operator. It's when your mother has gone bat shit crazy and she's been committed. Urban Slang...especially for Nansson. As a parent of teenagers, I am constantly inreasing my word-power, though not in a Readers Digest sort of way. I don't know if Dublin teens have their own words, but some of the London ones are peng (used to describe an attractive person of the opposite sex), peak (not really sure what this means, but I think it means something really bad) and epic.

Of course, being the crowdsourced slang resource that it is, none of the words were actually invented by Urban Dictionary. In honor of our ever-changing English languagehere are the big pop culture words we think everyone needs to know. Google Assistant now has a slang dictionary, beer guide, and men's fashion tips . A crapella — singing badly while listening to music through headphones. Urban Thesaurus - Find Synonyms for Slang Words. Slang is a type of language that is informal and playful. It often changes over time. The slang of the past is different than the slang of today, but some slang has carried over into the present. Slang also varies by region and culture. The important thing to understand is that slang is casual. I've been Willy and we are over and out it was then I wanna say the last word bye. Pages Businesses Media/News Company Broadcasting & Media Production Company Wall of Comedy Videos Urban Slang v Cockney Rhyming Slang PART 2

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Urban Dictionary is a crowdsourced online dictionary for slang words and phrases, operating under the motto Define Your World. The website was founded in 1999 by Aaron Peckham. Originally, Urban Dictionary was intended as a dictionary of slang or cultural words and phrases, not typically found in standard dictionaries, but it is now used to define any word, event, or phrase Black & Urban Computer Crime Drink & Drugs Gay & Lesbian Insulting Music Shortened Words Sports Teen American Australian British Quizzes. About slang Slang is a type of language consisting of words and phrases that are: considered to be very informal ; more common in speech than in writing; typically restricted to a particular context or group of people; Slang may be all things to all people. In an attempt to record the colorful verbiage that is emitted from the average Bombayite's mouth, I have created this blog which is somewhat like the Urban Dictionary - a user-contributed dictionary wiktionary of slang. Contribute by leaving a comment somewhere on this site. Even if you're not from Bombay and you know some choic British to American Dictionary and Translator. Look up and translate British words

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  1. 17 New Slang Terms You Should Start Using Immediately. Are they all sex-related? No. Are most of them? No comment. by Alex Naidus. BuzzFeed Staff. 1. Thinkpiece . Twitter: @TweenHobo.
  2. g the world that fridge is Australian slang for a refrigerator. If you've got any comments or suggestions, though, we'd very much like to hear them
  3. We've created a list of the more common slang terms with definitions gathered from Urban Dictionary and Refinery29. Millennials may have popularized specific words, but the origins of many are.
  4. Slang, unconventional words or phrases that express either something new or something old in a new way.It is flippant, irreverent, indecorous; it may be indecent or obscene.Its colourful metaphors are generally directed at respectability, and it is this succinct, sometimes witty, frequently impertinent social criticism that gives slang its characteristic flavour

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  1. istration has compiled a list of more than 2,300 terms that mean something different in the drug culture—street terms that refer to specific drug types or drug activity.
  2. Slang: the special terms or expressions of a particular group or field. Synonyms: argot, cant, dialect Find the right word. Synonyms: argot, cant, dialect Find the right word
  3. American slang - American lingo & jargon - US & Canadian slangs. AMERICAN SLANG & STREET TALK >> Urban Dictionary - A cornucopia of streetwise lingo, posted by readers (8 million definitions) >> British to American Translator: Translate British Slang Words to American >> The Online Slang Dictionary (American, English, and Urban Slang
  4. This is a list of the origins of 10 slang words or phrases that we all use regularly. From insults to idiomatic expressions, these are common in virtually all English speaking nations. 1. Idiot. Idiot originally comes from the Greek word Idiotes which was used to refer to a person who was a private individual - or more specifically, one who was so preoccupied with their own personal life.
  5. Young, urban, everyday members of the working class were some of Shakespeare s biggest fans. Many of the words in Shakespeare s plays were considered slang for its time. Therefore, a translation of Romeo and Juliet into urban street slang u pholds the true spirit of Shakespeare s plays as it reaches ou t to the same audience that it di

Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu Urban Dictionary. 4,521,778 likes · 2,118 talking about this. We sling slang Slang dictionary thug life . What does The word thug took on a racialized subtext in the latter half of the 20th century, especially for impoverished black people living in urban communities, regardless of whether these people engaged in criminal behavior or not. According to African American Studies professor Michael Jeffries, this connection between being black and being a thug. Here Are The Best Slang Words From Each US State. Get to gettin' because it's deadass cold outside, y'all. by Casey Rackham. BuzzFeed Staff. We recently asked members.

Urbane definition, having the polish and suavity regarded as characteristic of sophisticated social life in major cities: an urbane manner. See more Redneck slang got you a little confused? No worries. Here's a list of redneck words and their meanings to help you understand exactly what is being said Can You Guess The Definition To These Slang Words? Because truffle butter is more than just a rap song. by Pablo Valdivia. BuzzFeed Staff Urban Dictionary Definition Urban Dictionary / Via.

The term was notable enough to prompt a 1962 New York Times article commenting on black slang, titled If You're Woke You Dig It. This is not meant to be a formal definition of woke like most terms we define on Dictionary.com, but is rather an informal word summary that hopefully touches upon the key aspects of the meaning and usage of woke that will help our users expand their. Aug 28, 2020 - Travel, Urban and Nature Photography taken from all over the world. Personally shot by me, Steven Lang,. See more ideas about Nature photography, Photography, Temple art Urban Dictionary: dirt . Slang consists of words that are non-standard in a given language and is generally spoken to show inclusion in a certain social group. Social groups can be very small—from just a few.. Dirty Cigarettes is taken from Quiet Slang's [James Alex/Beach Slang] debut full length, Everything Matters But No One Listening, out May 18, 2018 . PostUp - Home Faceboo . Wir haben.

Urban dictionary now in its 20th year is a digital repository that contains more than 8 million definitions and famously houses all manner of slang and cultural expressions. To think or feel based on an innate way you were born to a mother who thinks her daughter is the smartest most beautiful girl in the world gods gift to humanity is genetically hard wired to feel this way. Automatically. We found one dictionary with English definitions that includes the word exhab: Slang (1 matching dictionary) exhab: Urban Dictionary [home, info] Words similar to exhab Usage examples for exhab Words that often appear near exhab Rhymes of exhab Invented words related to exhab: Search for exhab on Google or Wikipedia. Search completed in 0.031 seconds. Home Reverse Dictionary Customize. We found one dictionary with English definitions that includes the word blewish: Slang (1 matching dictionary) Blewish: Urban Dictionary [home, info] Words similar to blewish Usage examples for blewish Words that often appear near blewish Rhymes of blewish Invented words related to blewish: Search for blewish on Google or Wikipedia. Search completed in 0.023 seconds. Home Reverse. We found one dictionary with English definitions that includes the word gayest queer: Slang (1 matching dictionary) Gayest Queer: Urban Dictionary [home, info] Words similar to gayest queer Usage examples for gayest queer Words that often appear near gayest queer Rhymes of gayest queer Invented words related to gayest queer: Search for gayest queer on Google or Wikipedia. Search completed. According to the algorithm behind Urban Thesaurus, the top 5 slang words for 34hook-up34 are kai kai, habu, hsu, hit em up, and hu . Unfortunately, theyre The sites have worked well be shown that literally labels itself the castaways would hate each month ago ago, Talakad was Match. Trend towards casual sex. Retrieved 23 by pimps. 10 dating slang terms you need to know. Early Pioneers of hook.

We found one dictionary with English definitions that includes the word pawnch: Slang (1 matching dictionary) Pawnch: Urban Dictionary [home, info] Words similar to pawnch Usage examples for pawnch Words that often appear near pawnch Rhymes of pawnch Invented words related to pawnch: Search for pawnch on Google or Wikipedia. Search completed in 0.021 seconds. Home Reverse Dictionary. We found one dictionary with English definitions that includes the word bulbulin: Slang (1 matching dictionary) bulbulin: Urban Dictionary [home, info] Words similar to bulbulin Usage examples for bulbulin Words that often appear near bulbulin Rhymes of bulbulin Invented words related to bulbulin: Search for bulbulin on Google or Wikipedia. Search completed in 0.021 seconds. Home Reverse. TikTok and other social media have been filled with several acronyms and slang words in addition to their use on the text messages. The use of DSL/ASL has also become a new trend that is taking the scene by storm. Texting and abbreviations go hand in hand, meaning that there are a lot of acronyms used in texting and each means something else. There is also a long-running joke of the amount of.

24+ Brilliant New Words We Should Add To A DictionaryConfused parent asks Mumsnet what son's urban slang means14 Canadian Things Brutally Roasted By Urban DictionaryIs The Roadman Look A Gentrification To The NYC FashionWhat does it mean when somebody says bet
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